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two component cartridges

Eliminate end-user hand-measuring and mixing with two-component cartridges

For products that use two independent compounds that are mixed when used, two component cartridges are a great packaging option. Each component is filled into an isolated compartment, and the end user triggers the combination when ready for use.

Why Choose a Two-Component Cartridge?

  • The prevention of premature mixing significantly increases shelf life
  • Innovative design controls portioning and protects chemical composition and potency
  • Available in a variety of materials, sizes, and ratios
  • Assortment of options for piston designs and materials
  • Best for: Adhesives, Sealants

Two-Component Cartridge Options at Lohnpack

SBS, u-TAH, Coaxial/MixPeel, Two-Component Flexible “Cartridge” Designs

Depending on factors like needed cartridge size, dispenser type, and component ratio, one of three popular types of two component cartridges may best suit your product. At Lohnpack, you can select from Side by Side (SBS), u-TAH, and coaxial/MixPeel cartridges, along with two-component flexible “cartridge” designs.

Click to learn more about the design, advantages, and specifications of each.

Side by Side (SBS) Cartridge

u-TAH Cartridges

Coaxial/MixPeel Cartridges

Our team can source the best cartridge to suit your application.

Two-Component Flexible
“Cartridge” Design

Sulzer ecopaCC™, Nordson Film-Pak®, and Ritter CiC Systems

Why Flexible Cartridges?

These two-component cartridges employ flexible laminate film rather than rigid plastic to contain adhesive and sealant contents.

Flexible cartridges not only offer comparable performance, they also result in a lower overall cost and produce less waste than rigid containers. We offer several flexible cartridge design options, including Sulzer ecopaCC™, Nordson Film-Pak®, and Ritter CiC Systems.

Two-Component Flexible Cartridge Specifications



1:1 600ml
10:1 150ml


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