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Specialty cleaning products

Specialty Cleaner Filling Service

Specialty Cleaners are in high demand as the popularity of unique recreation and leisure activities grows. A bike’s carbon fiber frame may need one cleaning formula, yoga mats and balance blocks might need another.

Whatever the formulation of your product, we’ll get it filled, packaged, and on its way to keep the world cleaner.

Lohnpack is already fully equipped to fill specialty cleaners in a variety of markets.

  • Automotive Collision Repair
  • Automotive Glass Replacement
  • Automotive Specialty Chemicals
  • Composites/Bonding
  • Government/Military Contracts
  • Marine
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Retail, Paint & Sundries
  • Roofing and Construction
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Veterinary Products

Don’t see your market listed?

Reach out to our specialists – we will work with your to accommodate your product.

Which Packaging Type is Best for Specialty Cleaners?

The container type for your cleaner will depend on factors like who is using it, how much they’ll need, what it’s cleaning, and more. If you’re uncertain which would suit your needs, Lohnpack will consult with you to determine the best option.

Specialty cleaners most frequently use these packaging types; click each to learn more.


Squeeze Tubes

Full Service Contract Filling

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