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Two-Component syringes 

Two-Component Syringes for Precision MRO and DIY Applications

DIY repair, arts and crafts, and MRO applications often require structural adhesives and sealants to be dispensed in small, exact amounts.

Two-component syringes, or “double barrel” syringes, containing these substances may be sold in large quantities at retail hardware outlets, mounted on a blister card and hanging on display.

Why Choose a Two-Component Syringe?

  • Smaller size ideal for retail and small repairs applications
  • Able to provide a precise dose of a product so there’s no mess and no waste
  • Best for: Adhesives, Sealant

Two-Component Syringe Filling at Lohnpack

Lohnpack can fill two component syringes in the following sizes:

  • 14ml
  • 25ml
  • 30ml

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