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Sausage Packaging for One or Two-Components

Need a packaging solution for adhesives, sealants, and more that is both economical and environmentally friendly? You might consider “sausage” packaging.

A tubular laminated foil or plastic film that is clipped at both ends, this new arrival to the packaging world is available for filling in both one and two-component varieties.

Why Choose Sausage Packaging?

While still new, sausages are quickly gaining popularity thanks to several beneficial features.

  • Greener option over rigid cartridges, as they reduce waste on the jobsite
  • Inherently smaller footprint makes them more cost-effective for storing and shipping
  • Lohnpack can fill both single and dual models in a variety of sizes
  • Ideal for adhesive and sealant products

Sausage Filling at Lohnpack

Thanks to our specialized, high speed sausage filling equipment, we are able to fill 20 – 50 sausage packets per minute, whether your product is one component or two.

Single Component Sausages

  • Excellent alternative to squeeze tubes and rigid cartridge designs
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

Two-Component Sausages

  • Currently available for DIY and contractor concrete anchoring and repair
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Mixing ratio by volume 10:1

If you’re looking to use 2 component sausages for a different application, contact us to tell us about it.

Lohnpack will work closely with our customers to create two-component sausage solutions, bringing this new style to additional markets.

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