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Materials Filled

We’re equipped to handle your product, whatever the material.

Lohnpack’s extensive range of packaging types and selection of
specialty equipment means we have the ability to work with virtually any material, both common and specialty types. Epoxies, pastes, silicones, a brand new cleaning formulation, you name it – if it needs filling, we have the tools and expertise to get your product to market safely and efficiently.

Materials Filled

Within each material category, we have worked with dozens of different types and applications. Learn more about each material, its common subtypes, common packages, and markets.


Common types: Epoxies,
Polyurethanes, Silicone

Specialty Cleaning Products

Common types:
Varied Formulations 


Common types: Silicones, Polyethers,


Common types:
Liquid, Paste 

Specialty Chemicals

Common Types: Accelerators,
Activators, Degreasers 

Paints & Coatings

Common types:
Acrylic, Vinyl, Epoxies 

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