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Quality assurance & testing

Quality is Never in Question at Lohnpack

Efficient contract packaging requires controlled and guaranteed quality. Lohnpack takes this very seriously and follows the Lohnpack Contract Filling Quality System for every single project we take.

The Quality System ensures that all customer requirements and expectations are communicated and agreed upon in advance. This means all products are manufactured to meet these requirements — the first time, every time.

How The System Works:

The Quality System includes a collection of elements that work together to accomplish this goal:

  • The Engineering Master is a document which defines the Scope of Work and the Bill of Materials for a specific product. It is created in cooperation with the customer and contains clear descriptions of all requirements communicated between Lohnpack and the customer.
  • The Manufacturing Order is generated by Production Control. It assigns unique identifying numbers to each product involved in the project. This provides the Bill of Materials for one specific production order for a particular product and identifies the control documents containing the product requirement.
  • The Control Documents govern the completion of every work order. Control documents include: Set Up Record, Operator Instructions, and Lot Control Log. Data for each work order is collected on the Mechanic Start Up Checklist, Operator Instructions, Operator Checklist, and Lot Control Log created for the specific product.

This system guarantees each requirement and each moving part is accounted for. Our attention to detail and dedication to the system are why Lohnpack remains among the leading companies in packaging, filling, and assembling.

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