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program management

Ensure Speed, Quality, and Consistency with Lohnpack’s Start-to-Finish Program Management Services

Your project doesn’t begin or end at packaging and filling. Product developers may face any number of challenges on the path to market.

Are you unsure how to choose which packaging type will best serve your product?

Is your team already stretched thin on a priority project and can’t dedicate the appropriate amount of time for packaging procurement?

Does your product require a new process or unique design your team is less familiar with?

Our comprehensive program management services can help with all these scenarios and more, guaranteeing a smooth, efficient operation with the highest quality results. Services include:

  • Professional package and product design assistance
  • Consultation for choosing the most appropriate container type for a product
  • Supply of bulk special adhesives
  • Procurement of all packaging and ancillary components needed for product completion
  • Coordination of special processes i.e. building tooling for custom products, label design, and art preparation
  • Logistics

Our team of experts is eager to guide your project every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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