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Additional Services

Take Your Product to the Next Level with Lohnpack’s Additional Services

Sometimes it’s the finishing touches and added flourishes that make your product stand apart from the others. Lohnpack is proud to offer several additional services that provide extra protection, longevity, and flair to your packaged product.

Vacuum Degassing

To Insure the highest quality product, it’s important to remove the entrained air and/or gas from the bulk of the product prior to filling. We have designed a comprehensive system that does just that, eliminating one of the most common compromises that negatively impacts finished goods.

Blister Carding/Clamshell Packs

Our team can affix your product to a blister card, locking it behind the protection of a plastic conforming shell or seal. Blister carding provides an extra defense against shipping wear and tear as well as space for your marketing information.

Induction Sealing

Some bottles or containers require additional protection like seals or membranes. Our automated sealing machines ensure your product makes it into the hands of the end user safe and fresh. 

Automated Bagging & Labeling

We’ve said it before – our services don’t end with just filling. We can fully prepare your product for retail with add-ons and enhancements such as labeling and bagging of additional accessories like nozzles or instruction sheets. 

Full Service Contract Filling

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