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Equipment & Services

What we do and how we do it…

As the demand for complex chemical products grows, companies need suppliers with the technology to fill packages rapidly. While many co-packers offer strictly manual filling alternatives, Lohnpack has pioneered automated filling solutions that expedite time-to-market for companies across the United States.

And because your project doesn’t begin or end at filling, we offer a catalog of professional services that go beyond the packaging, from program management to quality checks and testing.

Learn more about the benefits that make the Lohnpack difference:

  • Specialized equipment including automated, semi-automated, and manual filling machine options
  • Program management with package and product design assistance, supply of bulk special adhesives, procurement and logistics services and more
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Additional services like vacuum degassing, blister carding, induction sealing, and automated bagging and labeling

Equipment & Services

Within each material category, we have worked with dozens of different types and applications. Learn more about each material, its common subtypes, common packages, and markets.


See the full list of high-performance, precise filling machines.

Program Management

Consultation, bulk adhesives supply, procurement services, and process and logistics coordination.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Learn how the Lohnpack Quality System ensures that your every requirement and expectation is met.

Additional Services

Save time and resources with automated bagging and labeling, and protect your product with vacuum degassing and more.

Full Service Contract Filling

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