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About Us

Lohnpack founded their original European headquarters in Asperg, Germany in 1997. For over 20 years, they have perfected their core competencies of filling and packaging liquids and high-viscosity materials.

In 2006, Lohnpack founded their US headquarters in Hamilton, NJ, bringing their renowned expertise and product knowledge to North America.

Lohnpack specializes in cost-effective solutions for the filling of adhesives, chemicals and paint products into a variety of containers. They are an international leader in groundbreaking filling technologies, featuring options for automated, semi-automated, and manual filling machines.

Package types include cartridges (SBS, u-TAH, Peeler, and Coaxial), collapsible tubes, sausages, syringes, bottles, cans, flexible pouches, and more.

Lohnpack also offers pre- and post-filling services such as consultation, package design, procurement, quality assurance, and logistics, so your product can hit the market efficiently, safely, and flawlessly.

Fast and reliable filling and packaging, first-class logistics, and an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio are why leading companies in over 20 markets agree: there’s the rest of the pack, and then there’s Lohnpack.

Our Facility

Our Facility Located in Hamilton, New Jersey, Lohnpack’s US headquarters is a 33,000 ft² integrated production and warehouse facility. With more than 50 trained staff members and modern, fully automated production equipment, it sets new industry standards.

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