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Contract Filling Inc.

Your best in class partner in packaging, filling & project management.

When it comes to filling & packaging adhesives, sealants & specialty products, what is on the outside counts too.

“What Sets Us Apart” Factors:

  • 33,000 ft² integrated production and warehouse facility
  • High-performance, precise, consistent filling machines
  • Specialized machinery by our own special-purpose machinery building company
  • Exemplary equipment for quality assessment and quality assurance
  • International leader for 2-component cartridge filling, i.e. SBS, u-TAH and Coaxial cartridges

Lohnpack Contract Filling & Packaging Services

Our team can work with you on the filling solution best suited for your product across a range of viscosities, consistencies, chemical makeup, and applications.

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State of the Art Facilities

Our 33,000 ft² integrated production and warehouse facility is located in Hamilton, NJ with a sister facility in Asperg, Germany.

Our arsenal of cutting-edge equipment includes automated processing and labeling equipment to facilitate 2-part cartridge filling.

At Lohnpack, we guarantee excellent quality in the completed product. That means cartridges are filled properly, clean, correctly labeled, and the final packaging is 100% consistent to your specification, no exceptions.

Full Service Contract Filling

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